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Marini Cipriano Srl was founded in 1966 and since then it has specialized in the pressing and shearing of steel plate. Since 1978, thanks to Mr Marini Cipriano’s idea of introducing the production of pressed hand-wheels for industry, the company has focused its production in this market sector.

Over the years, the company has acquired extensive know-how in the production of pressed and handmade hand-wheels. This experience has placed Marini Cipriano Srl as a leader in the Italian and other European markets.

Marini Cipriano’s products are also used in aggressive environments, such as offshore platforms and oil refineries. In fact its products have been certified by Agip for this use.

The hand-wheels undergo various processes during production: from washing, welding of the hub (various types of hubs can be supplied according to customer requirements), and finally sand-blasting and coating.

Various finishing treatments can be provided, from epoxy coating in different RAL to cataphoresis or other treatments on request.

Particular attention is paid to the finishing phase, ensuring product durability, and to the safety of users, being one of the main priorities for Marini Cipriano.

Balancing human resources and investments, Marini Cipriano Srl continues to advance in the field of technology, improving its equipment, robotizing the welding and shearing processes, and it is always looking to improve and optimize production.

The company’s policies are based on quality and customer satisfaction: its products are ISO 9001:2008 certified and one of its primary objectives is customer service and assistance.

Today Marini Cipriano’s products are known, used and admired all over the world. The brand is always present at the main trade fairs and it is distinguished by its quality, safety, reliability and design.